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ETOSS Background

Engineering to Order Solutions is a company founded and built by tech lovers and tech enthusiast, here at ETOSS we are not businessman who only care about money and making profit, we are a team of developers that take pride in finding solutions of every problem that is put in front of us. We take pride in our resilience and tenacity in problem solving, we have learned and developed ways of finding solutions we call the method the blunt axe method. We build software for all enterprise sizes to help optimize their revenue while minimizing cost and workload on employees.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Our Services

Web design and development

Software Development

System Integration and Software usage training

Bussines Intelligance Solutions

App development

Data Analytics and Visualisation

  • Software Engineering Specialists

  • Data Analytics and Visualization work

I got 99 Problemsbut Software and Data Analytics 'aint one

  • Creative Minds

    That is who we are

    Passionate software developers

    That is who we are

    problem solving individuals

    That is who we are

  • Tech enthusiasts

    That is who we are

    Tech Lovers

    That is who we are

    Code Geeks

    That is who we are

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